Anna And The French Kiss Review

Author: Stephanie Perkins Publishing Date: December 2nd, 2010 Series: Anna and the French Kiss #1 Anna is looking forward to h...

Author: Stephanie Perkins
Publishing Date: December 2nd, 2010
Series: Anna and the French Kiss #1

Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris--until she meets √Čtienne St. Clair. Smart, charming, beautiful, √Čtienne has it all...including a serious girlfriend.
But in the City of Light, wishes have a way of coming true. Will a year of romantic near-misses end with their long-awaited French kiss?

From here on out, this book has been officially renamed: Anna and the Gourmet Truffle. No arguments please, just accept it.

What I liked:
About a month ago, I posted a Top Ten Tuesday about books I should just read already. I am proud to say that I have worked on two of those! The Maze Runner didn't turn out so hot... but Anna and the French Kiss was amazing. This is another book where I have absolutely nothing to complain about. And I now realize that I'm a sucker for a well-written, realistic contemporary romance.

Anna is forced to go to school in Paris. She acknowledges that Paris is awesome
and under normal circumstances she'd be freaking out from how excited she is... but she isn't excited. She has her friends back in Atlanta. She has a potential boyfriend back in Atlanta. Her beloved family is back in Atlanta. It's kind of cruel to send her overseas during her last year of high school. The last year her and her friends can just be care free teenagers together. Sure, Paris is beautiful and amazing, but that doesn't take away the lonely pit forming in Anna's stomach. She's alone in Paris, where she doesn't know how to speak the local language, and she's afraid and sad and mad that she was forced to do this.

The moment I fell in love with Anna, was the moment she sucked it up and tried to make friends and not be a irrational pouting monster of a teenager. Anna is mature. She likes to stay in her room where it is safe. She likes to watch movies. She keeps things neat and tidy. She is nice to people in general.

And then St. Clair bumps into her. He is handsome. He is oozing with charisma. And that phrasing makes me think of syrup drenched waffles for some reason. Now I want waffles... and anywho, St. Clair is just the embodiment of a gourmet truffle. Anna, like the sane person she is, gets the butterflies for him.

Yum *drools*

But wait, St. Clair has a girlfriend and everybody with eyes is in love with him. Anna has to get in the back of a very long line of people waiting to catch St. Clair's attention.

Anna, being the chill person that she is, reminds herself that she has a potential boyfriend back in Atlanta. She is technically off limits too. So, she just becomes St. Clair's friend. He's easy to be around. She's interested in somebody else. So is he. It should not be that difficult to be around him.

But it is.

Oh who is Anna kidding. St. Clair is a hunk of gorgeousness and she's in love with him. Cue the chapters upon chapters of wonderful romance and confusion and drama. This book was heaven to read! It has all my favorite elements in a romantic contemporary. It has great characters, great side characters, the main guy is more then just a pretty face (and that cutey is SHORT), and the dialogue is amazing.

And the tension! Anna is in St. Clair's room (he's giving her a present, I think). Things start off a little awkward, but they push through and are just friends. Then St. Clair says in his adorable, hesitant way, "Anna..." Anna keeps blathering about a painting because she's desperately trying to shove off the awkward with deflective conversation topics and a metaphorical stick. But St. Clair just keeps saying, "Anna..." And then she finally stops talking and listens to him. They discuss her crush back in Atlanta. And by discuss I mean: "Sideburns. You like him?" "Interested." "Does he still call?" "Yup." "Right. Right well..." "I gotta go. See you later." And then, zoom zoom zoom, Anna can't get out of his room fast enough. She's carried away at high speed by the fluttering wings of anxiety flapping in her stomach. And I melted with feels, because I LOVE

OH AND THE DRUNK SCENE! ***SPOILERS, BUDS!*** St. Clair receives some devastating news, so Josh takes him out clubbing. Then they come back pissing drunk to Anna's door. It is both pathetic and hilarious as Anna internally screams and has no idea what to do while Josh and St. Clair slur their mad mumblings and pass out on her bed. Anna doesn't know how to deal with emotionally compromised boys clinging to her feet. And then a sweet, tension filled exchange of words pass between Anna and St. Clair. He tells her he likes her as more than a friend. Anna can't breathe. His tender, and drunken, words make her internally scream out of frustration and hallelujah's. It is so so so so CUTE! And endearing. And confusing for poor, sober Anna. And then, beautiful, perfect, wonderful St. Clair throws up on her, officially killing the romance. That scene made me laugh so hard...

One of my absolute favorite things about this book is the dialogue. I've read some books with a great story-line but atrocious dialogue. Not the case for Anna and the Gourmet Truffle. No, in this story, the dialogue is awkward and sassy, making it all the more easier to fall in love with the characters.

Here are some of my favorite lines-

"You're welcome, beautiful."
Beautiful. He called me beautiful! But wait. I don't like Dave.
Do I like Dave? 
That moment when you don't know if you like the person or the attention they're giving you. Anna totally isn't channeling me right here (psst, I lied. She actually is me, and I am her).

"You have Nutella on your chin," Rashmi says, pointing with her fork.
"Mmm," I reply.
"It's a good look," Josh says. "Like a little soul patch." 

Funny, but I never imagined my first sleepover with a guy being, well, a sleepover. "All we need now are Sixteen Candles and a game of Truth or Dare." 

"Well, for one thing, he looks like a Ken doll. And you're beautiful."
I trip and fall down on the sidewalk.
"Are you all right?" His eyes fill with worry.
I look away as he takes my hand and helps me up. "I'm fine. Fine!" I say, brushing the grit from my palms. Oh my God, I AM a freak

St. Clair said I'm attractive. That's the second time. 
"You're so easy to talk to," he continues, "that sometimes I forget you're not one of the guys."
Scratch that. He thinks I'm Josh

My favorite character really is Anna. I'm not sure if I've ever loved the main character... I mean, I generally like them, but I typically enjoy the side characters more. In Anna and the Gourmet Truffle, though, I loved the Main Character and that makes me really happy. Good job Stephanie Perkins.

I love Anna because she is logical and aware of her surroundings. She isn't dumb. Granted, towards the end, she gets a bit annoying because of how everything is going so horribly wrong and nobody just talks about anything... but it's also very real. I've kind of experienced Anna's situation before. She likes St. Clair. She doesn't say anything... can't say anything. It's obvious to everyone that they're in love, but she is so afraid and confused and has all these emotions because she's trying to do what's right, and nothing is working out, and she's just mad. I've gone through this before. I liked a guy (a friend!), he liked me, he told me, and we kind of skated around the issue for a long long time (for more details visit here, page 4). Sadly, my life isn't a contemporary romance novel written by Stephanie Perkins. I got frustrated because neither of us were brave enough to make that final leap from being just friends to something more. School ended. Summer came and went without us seeing each other. We went to separate schools the next fall. My potential romance with the cutest guy ever lead to a big fat nowhere. It hurt, because I was so dumb and couldn't just speak to him. I am so glad Anna reacted the way she did in all the situations thrown her way because it is so completely real. God bless Stephanie Perkins and her amazing writing.

Finally, let me talk about Josh. I related a scary amount to Josh, but instead of being an artist, I'm a writer. He is a slacker who doesn't give a hoot about school and would rather focus on fine tuning his art skills. I'm the same, except I like to write. Josh, we should be best friends. We can sit on the stairs of the Pantheon and avoid responsibility together.

And there are many other things to like about Anna and the Gourmet Truffle- how her drama with Bridget reflects drama in Paris, the little exchanges between Anna and The Gourmet Truffle, Rashmi, the setting, St. Clair's relationship to his mom, Sean's love for Star Wars, ex-boyfriend Matt, randomly making out in the park, St. Clair's debilitating fear of heights, ... ect. But I fear this review is getting too long. just go read the book.

What I hated: 
Amanda. Dave. St. Clair's dad. They must be eliminated.

Overall: 5/5
Fun fact! This is the first book that I've bought that I didn't read before purchase. I usually like to read a thing before buying it. I don't want to commit and then find out I spent $10+ on a book I hate. Anyway, I bought this book without reading it first. I HAVE NO REGRETS! I SHOULD HAVE READ THIS SOONER! THE HYPE IS ACCURATE! THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! READ. IT. NOW! 

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  1. I don't think I've ever read a better review of this book. Ever.

    1. aww! THANK YOU! I'm just going to go smile like an idiot for an obnoxious amount of time now <3