Top Ten Tuesday- Jane and Elizabeth Films

Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell are my heroes. I've grown up reading their books and watching movies based on their books. They...

Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell are my heroes. I've grown up reading their books and watching movies based on their books. They are a big part of my life. So, here are my top 10 films based on their works! :) I'm ordering these according to my level of love for them. And I love them all, but yeah, some movies I just love more than the others.

1. Emma 2009 Version

Emma's interaction with Mr. Knightly has always been my favorite. A lot of girls love Mr. Darcy, but I'm a Knightly kind of girl. And this film just sealed the deal for me. Emma's constantly rattling out nonsense and being her usual cute self, and Knightly just spends half the story looking at her like



Emma's just like, "Yeah, Knightly, you're cute and all, but I do what I want."
And there's lots of dancing


2. North and South

Riots, union workers, mills, romantic interests who hate each other, handsome brooding Richard Armitage with his shirt sleeves rolled up? YES PLEASE! I can never get tired of this movie. This film made me question why Elizabeth Gaskell isn't more popular. Her books aren't just about girls sitting in parlors and gossiping about men. These girls go out and get stuff down. There are fights, and people sneak around lest they be arrested for harboring fugitives. And on top of that, the main guy is swoon worthy and has a deep majestic accent. It just might be my favorite of all time. Actually, yes, it is, but I'm too lazy to go make it number one, so it'll stay here, at number two.


3. Pride and Prejudice 1995 Version

Do I even have to go into detail?


4. Northanger Abbey 2007 Version

JJ FEILD! And Catherine is ridiculous! She is so funny always imagining her life as a book. She sees danger and adventure around every corner. The two main love interests are friends with each other, and are awkward and so incredibly cute. Ugh and JJ Feild.I need to own this film.


5. Persuasion 2007 Version

All of Jane Austen's heroines seem to be rather spirited. They do as they are told, but with a rebellious glint in their eye. Or they outright refuse to conform to society's expectations. Anne Elliot isn't that way. She's just a simple girl, who knows everybody around her is ridiculous, and she sees it as her duty to be the grown up. She sucks it up. She forgets herself and lives to make those around her comfortable and happy. She is a people pleaser... even when it means ruining her own chances at happiness. I love this movie version. The actors are amazing and the filming is great. 


6. Mansfield Park 1999 Version

This one is just FUNNY. I love it. I've always loved Fanny's character too and her voice. She's just a poor girl wanting to write and hang out with her best friend (kind of like me). Stuff happens. People get married, and cheat on each other, and there's a play, and some girl tries to woo a preacher, and this other woman is always sleeping and is obsessed with pugs. Johnny Lee Miller is a babe and his hair isn't thinning quite so much in this one. 


7. Wives and Daughters

This one's a little slow to begin with, but Molly is just a doll. She loves science and being independent. She is gentle, but she won't just bend to somebody's will, she'll let you know outright if she's unhappy. She is so sweet, and her relationship with Roger and his brother kills me slowly. If you have some time, watch this film, please. I loved it so much I even went and read the HUGE book. Fun Fact: The author died before writing the ending, so the ending in the book was written by some other guy to the best of his abilities. He did pretty good too.


8. Austenland

This is just downright hilarious. If you go into watching this movie (or reading the fantastic book), looking for some non-predictable, totally original plot, then I'm sorry. This is not the book for you. If you are up for some classic romance and tons of comedy, then scoop this puppy right up. IT HAS JJ FEILD IN IT! Can you tell I like this guy? Seriously, he's on my celebrity crush list. Also, fun fact, you know that film Napoleon Dynamite? It was Directed by Jared Hess, and the screenplay was written by Jerusha Hess. They also worked on Nacho Libre (one of my favorite films), and Gentlemen Branco's together. Austenland is Jerusha's first film she's directed as a solo act and not with her husband.


9. Emma Approved

If you haven't heard of this, what are you doing!? Go watch it! IT'S FREE AND ON YOUTUBE! You must watch this modern adaption of Emma in vlog form. It's so creative (and the clothes are amazing). The writers keep true to Jane Austen's story. The actor's are great. And the chemistry between Emma and Alex... I just love them so much *ugly crying*

10. Becoming Jane

I love the acting in this film, and the casting! Ugh... James McAvoy. What an utter hunk. And Anne's interpretation of Jane is by far one of my favorites. And I love the relationship between Jane and her sister. It was so great to see that friendship portrayed on the big screen.


Honorary Mentions: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Cranford (and Return to Cranford), Sense and Sensibility (1995 & 2008), Pride and Prejudice (2005), Emma (1996), and Clueless

I've yet to read Death Comes to Pemberley, or watch the mini series, but I'm really excited for it! :) My Aunt bought me the book one Christmas.

Tell me about your favorite BBC dramas! :) Who's your favorite Jane or Elizabeth hero? Which character is your favorite? What Jane Austen man makes you go "UGH!"

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