Ant-Man Rant (Hank Pym)

(Spoilers) I'm sure many of you are caught up in the excitement about the new Ant Man movie. But I, for one, have got a bone to ...


I'm sure many of you are caught up in the excitement about the new Ant Man movie. But I, for one, have got a bone to pick. Ever since I saw the trailer for Age of Ultron I've been positively fuming. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has really done it now.  I got over their absolute butchering of Hawkeye's personality, but what I cannot understand is WHAT DID THEY DO TO HANK PYM.

Age of Ultron. Exciting! Here I was thinking oh yay, we get to see the beginnings of Ultron and his plight to "fix" humanity. But what we got was nothing of the sort. We got Tony and Bruce as co-creators of Ultron. We got the beginning, middle, and end of Ultron all in one story. And they took Pym out of it entirely.   

Now, for those of you who only follow MCU, this wasn't a big deal. You didn't know what to expect. You had no clue that Tony and Bruce weren't the creators of Ultron. But yes, it's true. Tony and Bruce have NOTHING to do with it. The real creator? Hank Pym. Doesn't sound familiar? That's because he wasn't in the movie. At all. Wasn't even mentioned.

And this is a big deal. They changed EVERYTHING by not including Pym. Ultron? Yeah, he has the same motives. Same old "humans-must-be-turned-android" Ultron. But instead of going through all of his incarnations, they just had an army of Ultron drones attacking the world all at once. Okay. Yeah. That makes perfect sense. Totally.

And even with all of those Ultron's running around, there was no Mark. I had been SO looking forward to the prospect of seeing Mark show up. I mean, yeah, I knew they probably wouldn't get to him in the span of one movie, but I thought hey, with his many times Ultron re-creates himself, there'll be plenty of times in the other movies for Mark to show up...right?


Even in their attempt to pack all of Ultron's shenanigans into one movie, they didn't even bother bringing Mark into the equation. They totally could have. Just for a moment. They had all those mini-Ultron's. There was like twelve thousand of them, and Mark was only the 12th incarnation. There was DEFINITELY more than twelve. Why not use one of those? I mean,who wouldn't have wanted go see Ultron making amends with his daddies? Only to be destroyed by another copy of himself in the end,  but still. It would be a nice family moment.

Now, maybe they had their reasons for all of this. Maybe they didn't want to go into the backstory required to show how and why Pym created Ultron. That would involve making an Ant Man movie.

That's right.
They did.

Except, IT ISNT PYM.
No, they wouldn't even let him be the star of his own movie. Albeit he is in the movie and it gives some backstory on him, but it isn't ABOUT him. It focuses on the next Antman. Seriously, how is that fair? "We're going to make an Amt Man movie but we're not even going to make it about the original Ant Man". Yeah. That makes sense. Thanks a lot, Marvel.

If their excuse was that he was old, and they would have to jump back in the timeline to bring him in, they still don't have a case. They gave Peggy Carter her own series. Why couldn't they have done the same for Pym? After all, he was one of the founders of the avengers. You can't just push him aside! It isn't like he's some minor character that can be overlooked!

Until Pym gets the proper recognition he deserves (and Wasp, ad from what I hear they even had the audacity to just up and "kill" her off), I will continue to be rather infuriated by the MCU. Joss Whedon, you have severely disappointed me. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.


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