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While stalking some of my favorite bloggers, I discovered that I rather liked reading the bookish tags! Nobody's tagged me, but I did fi...

While stalking some of my favorite bloggers, I discovered that I rather liked reading the bookish tags! Nobody's tagged me, but I did find the Find Me Tag over on The YA Book Traveler's blog. She posts some awesome stuff. The original tag was created by Beautifully Bookish Butterflies.

Basically what this tag does is- there are a list of things I have to find on the cover of books on my bookshelf! Had to get creative with some of these... didn't realize how lacking I was in YA Novels until I was trying to find "headphones" on one of the covers of my many classic novels.

Book With A Sunset
Didn't actually have one with a sunset, but these are sun set colors!

A Book With Water

I think the cover of this book is so pretty with the sun light shining through the ocean. Never actually read the book though... my dad gave it to me because someone gave it to him and he didn't want it lol

A Book With A Flower

One of my all time favorite books! I'll have to review this one soon.

A Book With A Heart

This book was loaned to me by my bestie, C.R. Chamberlain. It's in my TBR.

A Book With "Gone" In The Title

A Book With A Weapon

If you look closely, he's got a sword. 
Also, I read this book in 7th grade for a book report, and while writing the rough drafts, my teacher kept writing the margin that William Goldman is the only author of the book. The book he is referring to in the book is fictional. Took me four drafts to figure that out *facepalm*

A Book With A Moon

A Book With A Girl In A White Dress
Of course my gigantic collection of Jane Austen novels made its way into this tag.

A Book With A Couple Kissing

They ain't kissing, but these two look like they're about to engage in some hanky panky what with the hearts floating about their heads and them staring longingly into each other eyes.

A Book With Headphones
Didn't have one with headphones, but I got this huge encyclopedia of Rock and Roll... and people listen to Rock and Roll... sometimes with headphones. Yeah yeah?

A Book With Wings
Flap flap little chickie!
This is one of my all time favorite stories. I love seeing the different scenes played out one way from the boy's point of view, and then totally different from the girls. The movie adaption was actually really good. 

A Book With A Book

The word "book" is on this book so it counts okay don't challenge me on this.

A Book With A Door

Carriage door works, right? :P Still haven't read the book, but the BBC adaption is so good! Who's seen it?

A Book With An Eye

The eyes on these covers are so beautiful! I don't actually own this though. I had to get it from the library :( 

Now I Tag
Anyone who wants to do it! Please let me know in the comments if you do the Find Me Tag, or if you've already done it!

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  1. Great post! That is such a good tag. I definitely don't own a book with headphones, either ...
    The cover of Mirror Fathom is really pretty, agreed. Out of these I've only read Fangirl and The Book Thief (one of my all time favourites, I LOVE IT) and there is a 2 in 3 chance I've read the Austen (I've read 4 of her books, so far!). Which one is it?

    1. I've yet to read The Book Thief and it's sad! :( I need to read the book... but i know what happens and I'm not prepared for that emotional heart break.

      And the Jane Austen book is a collection of all her works ^_^ It's just one big seven in one book xD

    2. IT'S SO GOOD! YOU WILL LOVE IT! Despite the heartbreak, you'll adore it because it IS PERFECT!

      Ah, I see. Ok but what is your opinion on Lady Susan? I've not read it because I'm afraid of its incompleteness. And also bonus question, which is your favourite?

    3. I've yet to read Lady Susan. The only one's I've read are Sense & Sensibility (my least favorite read. It's very slow. Love the movie adaptions though.), Pride & Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion. I've seen all the latest movie adaptions for all the books. All in all my favorite book to read, and even film adaption, is Emma. I absolutely love the characters. I relate a lot to Emma. ...And don't hate me but I've always been a Knightly girl. I prefer him to Darcy and desperately wish to find an I <3 Knightly tote instead of an I <3 Darcy tote.

      Which is your favorite?

    4. Those are the four I've read, and Emma is my favourite too, and yes, Knightley is so much better than Darcy and when people are like "looking for my Darcy" I'm like "nope, looking for my knightley"!!!! So yes I 100% agree with you! I do also love S&S though; Persuasion was my least favourite. I'm well overdue a P&P reread, though -- it is such a good book!

    5. Oh wonderful! I've yet to meet another Knightly girl! :D :D :D Also Persuasion is one of my favorite stories xD But Captain Wentworth is not one of my favorite Austen males. I liked him, but when you really think about it, he was kind of a jerk. He came back and after all the time he was still holding a grudge and being mean to poor Anne. She was clearly unattached, and he went and flirted with all those girls right in front of her!

    6. Right?! I do not understand people who like Wentworth the best. He's never around! And yeah, he doesn't treat Anne very well. He's no Knightley, really!