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Today we are hosting a guest on our blog, the lovely Alexis! She comes from  Mad For Books, Luv . She is a huge book nerd, and for more inf...

Today we are hosting a guest on our blog, the lovely Alexis! She comes from Mad For Books, Luv. She is a huge book nerd, and for more information about her awesome self, visit her here.
This post is a bookish tag, original to Alexis. And even better, its a themed book tag (meaning each question is based specifically on the book chosen). So read on to see what wonders she's cooked up!


Have you ever heard of the series 'The Hunger Games?
Well if you haven't you've been hiding in your secluded corner for too long, and NEED to read it!
But if you have read this series you'll be happy to hear that this tag's theme is 

Before we start let me explain- this is like many book tags you probably have done before. So the only thing I ask is IF you do this tag please either tag SJ Bouquet or Me on twitter. OR comment below with a link to your blog or social media cite with this tag, so we can check it out! 



1- What is your favorite novel in the Hunger Games series? 
~my favorite novel was the first novel. I don't know why, but it was my ultimate favorite.

2- What book was a better movie? 
~I think it was Catching Fire, were Katniss wore the wedding dress and it became a beautiful mockingjay suit! That's my favorite!

3- Do you relate to any of the characters in the trilogy?
~I WISH! I am not brave like Katniss, I am not anything like any of the characters, really.

4- If you could change the role of Katniss, would you want anyone else to play her in the movie?
~Honestly, no, I think Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job playing Katniss.

5- Gale or Peeta? or even Finnick? 
EASY! Finnick. He has a sense of humor, and do you remember the sugar cube part?

6- Who is your favorite character in the capitol?
~I'd have to say Cinna, sorry Effie. 

7- What District do you believe you'd be in? Honestly! 
~I want to say the capitol, but that's a long shot! 
I'd honestly think District 12.

8- What made you most upset about the books? 
~I don't want to spoil anything . . . but When             dies

9- What would you have done differently if you were chosen in the hunger games? 
~I would have been first one dead. That's what would have been different. 

10- What District is your favorite? and why?
~The capitol obviously! but It wouldn't be so great while President Snow is in charge, he freaks me out. 

that's it! I hope you enjoyed this book tag! and have a nice day! 

What are your answers to some of these questions? Let us know in the comments!

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