Fraction's Hawkeye vs Age of Ultron's Hawkeye

Spoilers from Fraction's Hawkeye and Age Of Ultron ahead For those of you who have stuck exclusively to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic ...

Spoilers from Fraction's Hawkeye and Age Of Ultron ahead

For those of you who have stuck exclusively to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), there are some major discrepancies that I wish to point out concerning a popular side character. For those of you who have both watched the movies and read the comics, you will most likely understand these and, I hope, share my anger. As those of you in the second group know, Fraction's fantastic Hawkeye series has come to an end. And we're left sitting here staring at the movie screens feeling totally ripped off, since we just got this amazing comic remake but we're stuck here with a movie version that falls far short of being able to call himself Hawkeye.

Okay okay, I know that sounds harsh but let me explain. In the second Avengers movie, our beloved "Hawkguy" got more of a spotlight. Which, in reality, means he got some lines that were actually him, and not him being controlled by Loki. And yes, this movie certainly made him seem much more lovable, because you now get an actual personality for the carnie. Only problem-it's not his personality.

Honestly, I don't even know where they came up with this, or who they put in that movie, but it is not the Hawkeye we all know and love. It's not the one that Fraction has brought to life in such a new and exciting way. Maybe we have high expectations after reading that series and seeing what can be done, but is wanting the character to have the right personality really asking too much?

Now, granted, there are moments. In AOU (Age of Ultron), he has certainly earned some sassy stripes. But a few funny remarks is not going to make it better. And then there's the whole wife business. WHAT?? I mean, seriously, where did that even come from? And kids? Yeah, Clint has shown us he can be....good with kids, in his own little way. But to see the trainwreck we've been following in the comics having a happy little home in the feels like some alternate universe. Are we still on Earth 616? Because the MCU certainly is not sticking to it.

I mean, there I was sitting there watching Clint talk about renovating and doing fatherly and husbandly things, remembering that this is supposed to be the same man that got a divorce on Valentines day, was dating someone else before even divorced, and jumped into bed with a random stranger while dating that someone else....because the stranger had a nice car and was willing to drive him to get tape. Okay, it probably also had to do with her being hot, but I definitely think the car had something to do with it.

Now we come to the best parts of Hawkeye's characters, things you will never see in the movies. Take those sassy comments to/about Pietro that made everyone love Hawkeye in the second movie and multiply them a thousand fold. Now add in a pinch of "done with everything" and a bunch of "awwww"s, and some bum-ness and pizza, and you've about got Clint.

Speaking of pizza, those who stick to the MCU are missing one awesome character-Pizza Dog. Lucky, formerly named Arrow (a name which Clint found too coincidental to keep, it seems) is a one-eyed dog that helped save Clint from the "Tracksuit Draculas" after Clint gave him a  piece of pizza. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And Lucky even gets his own adventure, from his point of view.

You're probably wondering about these "Tracksuit Draculas" I mentioned, and rightly so. They're one of Clint's re-occurring enemies, Russian mobsters that punctuate their sentences with "Bro" after every other word. They're amusing, to say the least. Though they're tough opponents, they're no match for Clint's special arrows.

And of course, he's incredibly relatable.

He's always drinking coffee...straight out of the pot.

He loves sleep, hates mornings....and phones.

And....well, if you think you're weird, rest assured-he'll give you a run for your money.

And I'm sure we can all relate to his reaction to hearing random languages he doesn't speak.

Honestly, how can you not love this train wreck that we know to be Clint Barton? Relatable, down to earth, and just plain funny, it should be easy to see why those of us that have read the Marvel NOW comic series are a bit butthurt over Hawkeye's character in the movies. Maybe this post will inspire you to start reading comics. If not, by all means, feel free to stick to MCU. At least that way you won't have anything to be mad about. 


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