Let's Talk About...Hogwarts Houses

Hey there readers! This is Dash, your pop culture correspondent, here with a brand new feature I've tenetively titled Let's Talk Ab...

Hey there readers! This is Dash, your pop culture correspondent, here with a brand new feature I've tenetively titled Let's Talk About... which will feature me sharing my experiences with or taking apart a piece of pop culture and fandom. Today, I'm going to devote this piece to the Hogwarts houses.

For Potterheads, such as myself, the houses are a big deal. They're an indicator of your predominant traits and, all in all, what kind of person you are (well...it's not always exactly like that. But we'll get to that later). When Pottermore rolled around, most of us were stoked to get officially sorted under J.K. Rowling's offical criteria. However, some of us were shocked with our results.

For me, I'd always thought of myself as a Ravenclaw. I'm bookish to the nth degree, I'm a naturally very curious and creative person, and I truely value thoughtfulness and wit in a person. However, I was sorted into Slytherin.

Wait, what?

Initially, I was stumped. Me? Quiet, book-loving, little old me is a snake? I thought there was no way, it had to be a mistake. Did my answers really show that I lusted for power and had an unquenchable ambition? Was I a bad guy like Voldemort and Bellatrix? 

Then, I sat back and I thought about it. A Slytherin's predominate trait is cunning. They also look at all the angles before going into battle, they're always resourceful in a pinch, they look after their own, they strive to be truly great at what the do, and they honestly fear obscurity. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that all those traits described me to a tee.

While I do share the Ravenclaw streak for creativity and individuality, I am far more practically intelligent than academically gifted. I know my way around words and the English language and self-representation—all of which I know how to manipulate. I am a strategist, the one who will attack mercilessly if one of my own is threatened. In short, I am a snake through and through.

Sounds a little too much like me.

And, besides, no one is exactly as advertised. Some Gryffindors show cowardice (Peter Pettigrew), many a Hufflepuff has shown that they are more than all the rest (Tonks), some Ravenclaws can miss the big picture or are downright clueless (Gilderoy Lockhart), and even some Slytherins can be the most kind-hearted and loving people you will ever know.

You better believe it!

So, now I really am proud of being a Slytherin! Sure, we may seem a little scary and manipulative, but you just have to look past our scales and our fangs to see how awesome we really are! Just make sure you don't cross us. We bite. 

What house do you belong to? If you guys got sorted via Pottermore, were you surprised with your results like I was? Or did you know where you'd be place all along? Let me know! I'd love to hear your sorting stories!

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  1. Best. Post. EVER.

    We Slytherins get such a bad rep so thanks for highlighting why we're great!

    1. Both Dash and I are slytherins! AND WE'RE NICE PEOPLE! xD xD Gotta represent, yo

    2. Seriously! We Slytherins are perfectly respectable chaps, we just have a few quirks is all.