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Photo found here "Make me your villain" is a line used by The Darkling in Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone . And Me and...

Photo found here

"Make me your villain" is a line used by The Darkling in Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone. And Me and Dash really love that series. It's one of the few books that's able to actually make you admire the bad guy. He had such depth, and made us feel for him. Thinking of that wonderful Villain made us think of others, and then I got the idea for a bookish tag! With some help from my fellow fangirl and co-blogger, Dash, we've created the "Make Me Your Villain" Tag. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the ensuing ridiculousness.

Here's how you do it-

1. Before you begin: Grab 3 to 6 random books and an iPod or whatever you carry your music on.

2. Villain name: Every good villain needs a name that inspires awe and fear. Pick one random book. Look at the front and back cover, and the inside flaps. Pick the first adjective you see. Then, look at your bookshelf and pick the first noun you see from all the covers. Put the adjective and noun together. That's your name.

3. Your Weapon or Power: This is important. This is how you'll vanquish your enemies and assert your dominance and protect your authority. Pick a random book. Turn to page 66. Choose the 6th noun on the page. This can result in mundane objects such as "CD" or "sock" or "thing". Regardless of how stupid it is, that's your weapon. You can get creative with that thing though! For example- "Sock" is another word for punching. You have the power of packing a great punch now. You're very strong. You've the power of SOCK!

4. Weakness: Pick a random book, flip through the pages, and pick the first gerund (word ending in -ing) that you see. This is your weakness. Watch out... this is how The Hero will squash you.

5. Villain Theme Song: Go to your iPod. Hit shuffle. Whichever song pops up first (no skipping!), this is your theme song. This is the prelude to your grand entrance.

6. Evil Henchman: Grab a random book. Turn to page 66. Pick the first name you see. This is the person who always has your back and follows up your threats with cheesy one liners.

7. Love interest: Hey. Sometimes the bad guy gets the girl. He may have to manipulate her or kidnap her into fulfilling the love interest role, but it's not unheard of. Evil people can find love too! Pick a random book, flip through the pages. The first name you find is your love interest. 

8. The Hero: and finally, your Arch Nemesis! Get yourself a random book, flip to a random page, and pick the first name you see! NOW FIGHT!

Additional Rules-

1. If you wish to do this tag, please link it back to our blog.

2. Tag at least three people to do this.

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