Maximoffs in the MCU

Warning: There be spoilers ahead. Age of Ultron introduced the Maximoff twins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, there were many ...

Warning: There be spoilers ahead.

Age of Ultron introduced the Maximoff twins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, there were many noticeable discrepancies. Of course, such discrepancies have been the focus of all of my previous MCU rants, but this time I'm not so much angry as I am curious.

I have to say I was pretty happy with how they handled the twins in the movies. Yes, at first I was terribly angry upon seeing that they had turned he Maximoffs into some weird science experiment gone right. But, that anger was tempered upon finding out that this was in fact because Disney does not own the rights to X-Men.

So I can only be so angry, because it wasn't like they had a choice in that. They could not legally put Magneto in the films, or even refer to him I suppose, so this you have the twins being orphaned. At least they found a good way to give them a relatively decent backstory that still fits with their personalities and development.

Now, the one thing I DO a have the right to be angry about is KILLING PIETRO. Seriously. WHY ON EARTH WAS THAT NECESSARY. Okay, yeah, nobody SAID he died, but they carried his supposedly Swiss cheese corpse onto the thingamawhatsit and Wanda was crying and yeah. Clearly something happened. I seriously don't see why he would have had to DIE, as they could get the same results (showing he's actually a good guy, getting Hawkeye's respect) with him surviving the event. Knowing Pietro, and knowing Marvel and the fact that nobody ever stays dead (just watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and you'll see just what I mean), it is a good possibility that maybe he ISN'T dead, or at the very least he won't stay that way. This is my hope, especially since its a really REALLY stupid act to bring in a well loved and important character only to kill him right after introducing him. Seriously. What even.

Now, I did say that I was relatively happy with how they handled the twins. And other than killing one of them off, I really was. At first I thought I was going to be super duper furious at the fact that they changed Wanda's powers. However, I think it was actually pretty clever and considering the fact that they needed to change their backstory to make them science experiments, her power change does seem to make more sense, even if it wasn't entirely necessary. The fact that they didn't so much change them entirely as just change the nature of them is probably what makes it easier to swallow. I mean, Im still a bit disappointed by it because it's more telekenesis than sorcery now, which in my opinion rather limits her, but at the same time I feel like because of the type of telekeesis they made it, they can still accurately portray her character development. But it's just still not the same.

Speaking of powers, it really makes me wonder what would happen if they ever bring the twins in. Vision was in Ultron, and I'm very happy with what they did there, as I think despite the shit hole that is Age of Ultron, they still managed to make Vision as awesome as he should be. And, of course, one of the very most important things-they still gave us a hint of our OTP. Remember that scene where Vision saved Wanda and carried her off to safety? Yeah, that was a HUGE deal for us comic nerds. For those who don't know and shipped it after seeing that-congratulations! Your ship is actually cannon. Of course, that one scene is by no means confirmation that they WILL be bringing that relationship into MCU cannon, but I don't see why they wouldn't. Besides, that couple is very important.

So, what does this have to do with powers? Well,  if they DO bring them into the future movies, and they follow the comics at all, then eventually Billy and Tommy might come in. Also known As Wiccan and Speed, they are twins and children of Wanda and Vision...sort of. Yeah, naturally an android cannot have kids. But Wanda, being a loving wife and naturally wanting a family, somehow used the fractured pieces of a demon's soul to make her babies. Yeah... I don't know either.

The important question here is....what will happen to Billy's powers, if Wanda's are now fear-based? Will he no longer be Wiccan? Or will he be some weird emotion sorcerer? Plus, without his reality-distortion powers, a lot of, if not all of Billy's backstory and everything will just be completely capput. It'll change his entire personality. Despite the fact that I feel they did a decent job with Wanda even with the altered powers, I DON'T feel confident that they could achieve this with Billy. Now Tommy, of course, will be easy peasy, and I for one would just jump at the chance to see our favourite....or maybe second-favourite...speedster on screen. In fact, why not just have a Young Avengers movie? But, seeing what they've done to Black Widow, I don't even want to think about what they'd do to America. They'd probably make her a white guy-crazy girl with straight parents. Who wants to have kids instead of punch everyone in the face. Yeah, I don't think we should let them anywhere near America.

Anyways, despite the fact that I wasn't that angry about any of this, I WILL be angry if they don't keep it up. Say, if they let Pietro stay dead. Or if they DON'T have Wanda and Vision get together (my OTP!), or if they do but don't bring in the twins, or even mention them. Seriously guys, you might as well make up your own shitty superhero world instead of ruining our perfectly good one.


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