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Hello, hello! I am back with a tag :) Now nobody tagged me in this, but I was scrolling through Dreamland Book Blog when I found this ...

Hello, hello! I am back with a tag :) Now nobody tagged me in this, but I was scrolling through Dreamland Book Blog when I found this hilarious tag and I just HAD to do it for myself. Here be the rules: (1) Pick 5 books from your shelf. (2) Turn to a random page in each of those books. (3) The first name you see, in each of the books, gets to be on your zombie survival team (congratulations). (4) You should do this twice for each book so you get ten names total. (5) Apply the characters to the 10 situations and types of people in the order you picked the random names. Bottom line, each character should be RANDOMLY assigned to each role. 

The books I chose from my shelf.

ALRIGHT HERE WE GO! Who are the poor bastards I have to fight the apocalypse with?

1. The first person to die:
Morozova from The Grisha Trilogy

Well damn. He's a legend.  A great fabrikator. He'd be useful in the sense of weapons and fortifying a base camp or something but he's already a dead character in the books? But that aside, if he WAS alive for our zombie apocalypse and than died that'd just flat out suck balls. He'd be a great asset to the team and now he's DEAD RIGHT OFF THE BAT! We're doomed.

2. The person you trip to get away from the zombies:
Wesley from The Princess Bride

I've lost two key members to the team! Wesley noooooo!! I'M SORRY DON'T DIE! ON YOUR FEET, MAN! YOU CAN STILL OUTRUN THEM! 

3. The first person to turn into a zombie:
Nikolai from The Grisha Trilogy

I AM DISTRAUGHT! I AM AGHAST! Not my Nikolai! I swear if he's the first to die, then it's going to fuel my hate fire towards the zombies, and I'm going to turn into a raging she hulk. Watch out zombies. Kill Nikolai, I kill you.

4. The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies:
Margo from Paper Towns

You're dead to me, Margo -_-

5. The idiot of the team:
Miss Bates from Emma

NOT! ...Miss Bates is sweet, but she's a chatter box that's going to get us all killed.

6. The "brains" of the team:
Jacob Black from Twilight

Out of our entire team, JACOB BLACK is the brains? He's an alpha- a WALL OF MUSCLE. Not the brains. This guy is all rough and tumble, not the one to think us out of dire situations! We're dead. We're just all going to die. My team sucks. We need a miracle.

7. The team's medic:
Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride

8. The Weapons Expert:
Charlie Swan from Twilight
WE'RE SAVED! MAYBE! If everyone just listens to Charlie we might actually make it through this alive. Charlie was friends with vampires and werewolves and he kept his cool, and generally kept to himself, but I feel like if his daughter were hurt he'd hunt him down some supernatural creatures and kill them all. I thoroughly believe Charlie can wipe out some zombies. THREE CHEERS FOR CHARLIE!!

9. The Brawler:
Emily Dickinson from Paper Towns

Emily Dickinson isn't an actual character in Paper Towns, but she's mentioned and made it on the list! LOL! That'd be hilarious if she were the brawler. Just image me and these characters facing a hoard of zombies, all hope is lost, and then we hear some foot steps looming around the corner. And behold, EMILY DICKINSON HERE TO KICK SOME ASS! I can't stop laughing xD

10. The Team Captain:
Emma Woodhouse from Emma

Emma Woodhouse...hm...I think it'll work. She could lead. And I think once she got the hang of it, she'd be a damn fine captain. Praise Jesus! Our team just might make it!

So THAT was interesting. Half my team is going to die, but with Emma and Emily on our side, I bet a few of us will be able to scrape through. If you want to do this tag, let me know in the comments! I'd love to check out your post and see what you got :) Let me know what you think of my team xD oh gosh it's a mess

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  1. I LOVE THIS! These are the kind of tags I love seeing, funny and highly entertaining. So, so creative too! You're dead to me Margo? Oh, that's epic! With Jacob as the brains of the operation? Oh no, you're all going to hell in a hand basket. But at least you'll all be superbly attractive doing it :D I'd love to give this a go soon too. Thanks for sharing <3

    1. thank you for commenting! And I love that line "hell in a handbasket" xD xD xD

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS TAG :D I've never seen if before but if I remember I'm so gonna do this! It's an absolutely brilliant idea ^^ and I LOVE the comments you had about each character ^^

    1. RIGHT?? This was so much fun! It's hilarious seeing who goes where :D :D :D Let me know if you end up doing it!