Convention Survival Kit

Salutations, fair readers!  So, after I posted my preparation tips for new cosplayers, it got me to thinking that it'd probably b...

Salutations, fair readers! 

So, after I posted my preparation tips for new cosplayers, it got me to thinking that it'd probably be beneficial to give you some convention-related tips as well.

The biggest convention related tip I could think of was to have a cosplay/convention survival kit with you at all times. Believe it or not, for some of us Murphy's Law (whatever can go wrong will go wrong) is a very present reality. Not to mention, it always helps to be prepared! So, I've come up with what I think is an essential cosplay/convention survival kit to keep in your bag while you're at the venue*.

So, without further ado, I give you my convention survival kit:

* Sewing supplies (I recommend a small kit that could fit in a purse and has needles, thread, pins, scissors, and a pincushion. If you made your costume, I also recommend that you keep some scraps of the fabric you used and any extra zippers or fastens just in case something breaks or you need to make a patch)

* Hair supplies (a brush/comb are essential, especially if you're dealing with an unruly wig. I also reccomend carrying around extra bobby pins and hair ties. They're honestly your best friends when it comes to getting all your hair under a wig)

* Saftey pins (these suckers are life-savers in a pinch, especially if you're not the best seamstress)

* Adhesive (sometimes, things fall apart that you can't pin or sew back together so it's helpful to keep a small bottle of glue and a roll of tape on you)

* Pain medication (just in case of headaches or cramps, it happens to the best of us and it never hurts to keep a couple on your person**)

* Tampons/pads (obviously, this doesn't apply if you're a guy but for the girls it's ALWAYS a good idea to keep a few on you during a convention just in case)

* Bra (this only really applies to those wearing chest binders for their cosplays. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you have something else to wear if your binder starts to get too restricting or you start to have trouble breathing with it on. If that happens, take the binder off and put on a bra immediately. Also, please remember that you should only wear a binder for about 6-8 hours at a time and they're not safe to sleep in. In addition, NEVER EVER use ace bandages to bind your chest as they are very constricting and can make it hard to breathe. Always bind safely!)

* Phone charger (taking lots of photos and videos at is gonna eat up your battery. I also recommend, if you have one, take one of those batteries packs that you can plug into your phone into in case you can't find an outlet)

* Shoe inserts (unless you're wearing a super comfy pair of shoes, which I highly recommend you do, these suckers are gonna save your feet at some point during the course of a convention weekend)

Comfyness is marvelous and just shy of godliness.

* Cosmetics (you should always bring the makeup you use for your cosplay in case something gets smeared or you want to touch it up later on. You should also bring some lip balm to make sure your lips don't get chapped as well)

* Deodorant (this is self-explanatory)

* Tide-to-go pen (because, let's be real here, stains happen sometimes)

* Hand sanitizer (again, self-explatory)

* First aid supplies (I mostly carry around a couple band aids because I'm prone to being clumsy and getting cuts and scrapes. Some lotion is also nice to have too in case of rug burn)

* ID and medications (as with most things, if you have any medical conditions like severe allergies or seizures you should keep your emergency meds with you as well as medical ID bracelets and the like just to be safe)

* Money (there's lots of fun stuff to buy at conventions from artists and vendors, so you're gonna want to bring a fair amount of pocket money just in case you see something really cool that you want)

* Snacks (always bring snacks with you! Concession stands are usually really overpriced and most people I know would much rather use that money on merch and spend time at panels rather than be stuck in line) 

* Water bottle (don't stay thirsty, my friends, because that leads to dehydration and lots of ouch and a miserable time)

* A small fan (take it from someone who wore a heavy cotton kimono on an unseasonably warm April weekend and ended up buying a Chinese fan out desperation, it is very easy to overheat in certain cosplays. If you're wearing something that's got a bunch of layers, do yourself a favor and keep a collapsible or battery-powered fan with you)

* Tissues (again, self-explanatory)

* A notebook and a pen (you're going to meet and talk to lots of cool people at conventions who are going to want to exchange some sort of contact info or website URL with you. I know lots of people who hand out slips of paper or business cards for that reason at conventions, but a mini-notebook and a pen work just as well***)

That's my survival kit for you guys! 
What do you carry around at conventions? 
Do you think I missed any vital tools from my list?
Let me know!

* It's also a really good idea that, if you're traveling to a convention, you bring some bigger equipment and supplies, like a glue gun, and keep in your hotel room just in case the worst happens.

** On that note, cold and flu medicine is a good thing to have around or keep in your hotel room because crowded venue = greater chance of catching a bug.

*** It's also a good idea to have a plastic bag on you to hold any slips or business cards you might get from other people. 

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