Love Triangle Pet Peeves

Love Triangle Pet Peeves Love Triangles are a common trope found in Young Adult stories, or television shows, or just anything en...

Love Triangle Pet Peeves

Love Triangles are a common trope found in Young Adult stories, or television shows, or just anything entertaining ever. It's a dramatic technique. It adds flair to the story. Some even think it's a necessary and compelling plot device, but I do not have hours upon hours to argue that.  Point is, a typical Love Triangle makes you want to root for a certain couple. And if you're shipping one couple over the other, then the story is almost guaranteed to be read or watched because let's face it- Love Triangles are addicting. Us Romantics want to know who the main character is going to end up with.

Despite our complete addiction to Love Triangles, there are some cliches that are just utter nonsense that us Romantics can hardly put up with anymore. I firmly believe that a love triangle is perfectly okay in a story. However, there are some themes I'm seeing in these love triangles that need to stop.  It gets predictable and un-enjoyable. Why would anyone read a mediocre story with a love triangle we've read a thousand times? Yes, obviously she's going to get with the new guy who she's always around and completely obsessed with. Wow. Didn't see that coming. 

Get more creative, Authors! Stop putting us Readers through this overrated and overused drama!

Here's a list of just a few of the horrors that need to quit-

1. Where reality goes to die.
This category covers insta love between one or both love interests. Insta love being that terrible deep personal connection between two characters who JUST. MET. That is not realistic at all. How many of you have met a total hotty and been completely in love with him at first sight? I understand seeing someone and being like, "you're cute af i think i want to be on you". But let's get real people, that's as deep as a ten second fresh relationship gets. 

Other topics include- the author conveniently lets her characters overlook crap situations. Or the author throws in one mega huge plot development that makes no sense. It was just a convenient, underdeveloped, scene that pushed the story along to fartville. Everything's a lot unrealistic and escalates quickly.

2. This vs That (and no other difference what so ever) 
This is the big kahuna in the Love Triangle MAKE IT STOP NOW department. When the only difference between both love interests is one has blonde hair and the other has brown hair. You can't tell who's who because they're both so cookie cutter and lifeless. Or one is the good boy and the other is the bad boy. One's a childhood friend, the other is new and mysterious. There's no variety to these guys! No originality! And of course the main character can't decide for the life of her... it's just so hard.

3. Poor Sucker Syndrome
This could potentially be a sub category of #2. This involves the poor sucker who's just kept around for the sake of a love triangle. There's the obvious guy and then the rebound guy. Rebound Guy, the Poor Sucker, is the guy who's going to get thrown into a blender. Our MC keeps him around because she can't live without him. He's the guy she runs to when her obvious choice screws up or leaves her broken. Poor Sucker is a back up in case Hotty McObvious hurts the Mc.What makes this even worse is when the MC is possessive of the Poor Sucker and won't let him get a new girl. A classic example of this is Edward, Bella, and Jacob. Fun fact: I usually ship the MC with this guy because he's usually better for her and I have a thing for underdogs. Let me protect these babies. Tho I be smallish I am sometimes fierce if the feeling strikes. And lo, the feeling strikes.

4. All consuming love interests.
Usually a side effect of insta love. This one is pretty self explanatory.

What are some of your Love Triangle Pet Peeves? 
Do you have any bookish pet peeves that don't revolve around Love Triangles? 
Let me know in the comments or on twitter @sjbouquet!

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHA XD okay so this makes me laugh, especially the one where you shared my tweet because almost everyone mentioned it in the EXACT SAME WAY! I guess we all feel the same sadness when it comes to over used love triangles and all :O!

    1. You KNOW there's a problem when five different people describe a cliche using the same wording xD Oh that mysterious guy ... always ruining everything haha

      Glad you thought it was funny! :D :D :D I aim for laughter xD