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Hello my dear children! I don't really have a spunky nick name for you lot. But whenever I think of the collective YOU I think "...

Hello my dear children! I don't really have a spunky nick name for you lot. But whenever I think of the collective YOU I think "dear children" like I'm Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka or something okay I'm going to just get to the post now. On this blog I usually post reviews, book hauls, or bookish tags. I don't typically have that big of an opinion on anything in the book blogging universe. Basically, I stay out of things. I just have a "meh" opinion. Or a "mind your own business" attitude. (Which is why I chose Ben Wyatt as my gif and image theme because he's passive aggressive as heck and I think it's funny and I like themed gifs)

 However, while following the totally righteous Six of Crows International Blog Tour, I noticed a lot of people commenting with "I REALLY WANT TO WIN THIS BOOK" and then leaving. Bloggers, actual people, spent a lot of time writing a post, and then the response they get is "I WANT TO WIN". Okay but what about the actual post? 

You may be mentally accusing me of being too inconsiderate, so let me just clarify that I have considered this- I understand that people want to win the book, some people don't have time to read the whole post, some people don't have time to leave a thoughtful comment. I get that. Time is short. You just want to win. But just the observation of these short comments on giveaway posts got me thinking, it opened my eyes. I moved on to new blogs and new comments, and that's when I started seeing a pattern worthy of concern.

People leaving five worded comments and then promoting their own blog.
I'm a baby blogger. I don't get enough comments on my blog to have this happen to me, but I have read a fair ton of other blog, and I have seen in the comments where people will write a short weightless response on reviews or posts, and then they will link to their own blog. As a blogger, I know a lot of time and effort goes into posts. It's kind of exciting to see a comment notification for your work. But then it's deflating to go to the comment and see that essentially, the person didn't read your post; they're just using you to promote themselves. 

I've read a few posts about how to get your blog out there. I've researched how to get attention- viewers, comments, shares, general interact...ect. Not that I'm doing this blog to get attention or something, I just like to talk with people and share opinions. I think we're all like that. These How To posts are bursting with the phrases, "Get your blog out there through comments! Drop links to your posts! Sign off with a link to your post! PUT YOUR BLOG EVERYWHERE!" 

Now here I am, concerned that bloggers are being used as a billboard for other blogs, while trying to get my own blog out there. Like, I want to promote myself, but don't want to be a hypocrite. Where is the line drawn? What are the do's and don'ts of adding your link to your comments? I went to twitter and asked. Some of my friends responded with-

These are two really good points. Point 1 being- if you have something to actually say in response to the person's post (other than monosyllabic encouragement) then go ahead and drop a link to your blog! Odds are, if you leave an meaty response, the author will want to come check out your work. If you say something of worth (be it unintelligent fangirling, or adding something to the conversation), bloggers will be interested in you. Someone will agree with you, or be intrigued by you. Someone will want to come read your stuff! Point 2 is- in some commenting areas, there is an option to leave a link. You can sign up with your name, email, and link. It's just an option. And it's perfectly okay to fill in your link. You're invited to. What bothers me, though, is when that option isn't provided, and you just post your link along with "Yeah okay good stuff, but now come check out MY blog!"

SJ, you may be thinking, you're just ranting on and on, get to the point and finish already! 

Alright alright, I'll sum this up short and sweet now. I'm so sorry if this entire thing was completely incoherent or confusing to you. I just have a lot to say, and I may be going in circles. My point is this- Got something to say? Go for it, tell the blogger all your thoughts, drop that link like it's a hot chart topping hip hop beat. Are you just trying to promote your blog? Did you not read the post? You don't see an option to fill your link into a box? WELL THEN BACK OFF, BUSTER, THIS AIN'T YOUR DIDDLY DARN COMMERCIAL SPACE!

now watch someone leave "great post" and a link to their blog in the comments. i will legit laugh. then cry.

Note: Not all short responses are bad. If you genuinely think a post is great, and that is all you have to say, by all means don't NOT tell the blogger. The blogger wants to know. Love the blogger. The blogger values you... so long as you value their blog and don't use them for self gain.

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