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Good morning, afternoon, or possibly evening everyone! :) Lovely Miss Emily, over at Emily Etc ., has nominated A Tree Grows In Bookland f...

Good morning, afternoon, or possibly evening everyone! :) Lovely Miss Emily, over at Emily Etc., has nominated A Tree Grows In Bookland for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD! Our blog is fairly new, so this is only our second nomination for an award, and we're really excited. Like really extremely back flips excited xD It's always fun to be nominated for something. Definitely go check out Emily, because she's the bomb!

The Rules:
1. Thank whoever nominated you. CHECK!
2. List rules and display award. Done did it!
3. Give seven facts.
4. Nominate 15  other bloggers and notify them.
5. Display award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you. Done!

Hello, I am SJ Bouquet, and I am here to list seven random facts about myself. I'm going to try to make these fresh facts, not the same ol' boring ones I used in my bio. Also I'm not in the mood to whip out my camera so I'm going to keep this short xD HEEEREEE WE GOOO!!

1. My favorite color is blue. 
Not just any old blue, but like a Robin's Egg blue, or a turquoise.

2. Sunflowers and Daisies are my favorite flowers.

3. I kind of really love bees.
And anything with a bee pattern on it. Well, okay not ANYTHING. More specifically, I like vintage bee patterns. Not that cartooney bumblebee pattern you can typically find on children's clothes and toys. (Friends and family reading this... please buy me things with bee's on them! ALSO I FRICKIN LOVE BURT'S BEE'S!)

4. I don't like wreaths. 
I think they're ugly. Very rarely do I look at a wreath and think, "yes, this circular foliage, nature's bundt cake, looks great hanging off this door."

(I do want cake now tho :/ )

5. I really want to ride a tandem bicycle. 
I don't know why but I think they're really cute. I want to ride on one with all my friends and go have a picnic or something. Friend's be warned: if we see a tandem bike left alone, or available for rent, I WILL FORCE YOU TO RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET WITH ME.

6. I can be incredibly sensitive sometimes. 
You can rest assured that if you did something mildly rude, or ignored me (intentionally or not) I will be crying on the inside. "No no, it's okay, I'm totally alright. I'm fine xD I'm good." 

7. The "Bouquet" in my name is pronounced "Bucket"
 It's fancy shcmancy. Like this, but the opposite-

That's a wrap!

These were just simple facts about myself, not very in depth. But tell me- do you even like posts about my life and who I am? If you do, tell me in the comments and leave a random fact about yourself. I'll consider doing more personal posts in the future. 

Fantasy Angel (I call her Avid xD) @ Avid Reader

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  1. thank you so much for tagging me, sj! <33

  2. I cannot honestly say I understand some of your traits. (My opinion when it comes to most winged creatures with six legs is...ew). BUT riding a tandem bicycle seems really cool. If you ever get one, I'll be the first to volunteer to try it out with you!

    (Also, why is it that EVERYONE seems to be better at coming up with facts about themselves than me? Seriously, HOW DO YOU DO IT? XD)

    1. I don't think the bees in and of themselves are cute creatures xD but fake bees on pretty pillows are aesthetically pleasing to me haha. AND YAY! If I get a tandem bicycle I'll invite you out for a spin :P

      As for random facts- internet people don't know me! Everything about me is new to them. I just looked around my room and picked out pieces of my life to share. I had some burt's bees chapstick on my bed, my toe nails were robin's egg blue, ...ect. The rest poured out :)

    2. Ha, I should try that out sometime! Thanks for the tip :D