That Time Gossip Girl Kidnapped Me And I Fell In Love With Chuck Bass (warning: cupcakes involved)

The last you heard of me, I left to dog-sit, be consumed by Gossip Girl, play Shawn Mendes' "Stitches" on repeat, and dit...

The last you heard of me, I left to dog-sit, be consumed by Gossip Girl, play Shawn Mendes' "Stitches" on repeat, and ditch my mom's forced diet for some real food (pop tarts, cupcakes, chips, dip, a real crap fest). Honestly, the only people who missed me were probably my co-bloggers. Whether it's just my two buddies, or some readers who actually missed me, it don't matter! I missed blogging and am therefore back, my dear chitlins. And I'm going to force the details of my life upon you, so buckle up for the biggest Chuck Bass rant of your life. Boy, was it a wild ride.

And by "wild" I mean I sat on a couch for two weeks and watched Gossip Girl (and dog-sat/mopped up pee every day but that's a different story). I got obsessed with Gossip Girl. It's a highly dramatic show full of revenge and getting even. It's exhausting. SO WHO OUT OF THESE HIGH CLASS AND SOCIAL CLIMBING DIMWITS IS MY FAVORITE CHARRIE?? 

Chuck Bass. He's one fine bloke forged in the cold disdain of the Upper East Side. Yup. I love the bad boy (slap me, I'm cliche). 

But slow down, let me just explain myself before you start rolling eyes. The show and characters are a little annoying. They're all horrible. They sleep with each other. Everyone's dated everyone. Everyone stabs knives in each other's backs. They're constantly against one another and feuding over the stupidest, nonsensical things,. And then have the gall to call each other best friends! They aren't GOOD people. What's really annoying is when they are struck with random acts of morality. 
Oh, I can sleep with a married person and cheat on tests and ruin a person's life, but if you LIE to me HOW VERY DARE YOU THAT IS THE WORST THING YOU COULD POSSIBLY DO! WHO CARES IF YOU LIED TO HELP A FRIEND! YOU ARE NOW THE TARGET OF MY SHIT STORM!
These bitches make no sense. But Chuck Bass... now that is a classy man. Sure, he sleeps with a lot of people and tried to force himself on Jenny that one time, and he drinks and does drugs. He's not a role model, but out of all the characters, he is my favorite. Everyone tries to be so moral, but they're bad. Chuck lives in sin, yet when it comes down to it, he's the best of them all. When he tries to get back at a person, it makes logical sense. He doesn't go too far. He has a goal, meets it, drops the subject. He's been offended? Okay he won't talk to you, but he also won't actively make your life hell or go behind your back and torment you with cunning evil. Stay out of Chuck Bass's way, he'll stay out of yours. Someone he loves is hurting? He'll make it better. When he messes up, he fixes it. Chuck Bass is not someone I'm attracted to in a romantic way, but damn do I admire his character. He probably carries a thousand STD's, but he's a sweetheart. A precious cupcake.

Speaking of cupcakes...

My bestest buddy, C.R. Chamberlain, and I watched Zoe bake PUMPKIN CUPCAKES WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING (with lots of cinnamon) and we were like, "WANT. NEED. GET IN MUH BELLY." So we made them from scratch and it took three hours! You'd think a couple of 20 year old's could convert the metric system easier, but no. We were up to midnight baking these suckers. Also I almost forgot to add the five cups of flour. 
"Do these cupcakes look a little too orange?"
"Why is her mix so light in coloring?"
"What are we missing?"
But everything came together wonderfully. They got ate up in a jiffy and we snagged a bunch for ourselves. Seriously these things were pastry boats of all things Autumn. 

We had silver foil to go with the "official" ones, but the ones with Valentine wrappers were just for us (and her roommates).

That was the bulk of my two weeks! (along with a major shopping spree where I accidentally bought a lot of black) What can you expect in the near future? Some Halloween-y posts (any ideas for me? I gotta come up with something spooktacular for the big day!), pumpkins, and festive creepy books. And of course, NaNoWriMo is coming up! I plan on participating this year with a vampire slaying, pirate, immortal, girl power, morbid humor sort of action packed book. 

Drop me a Halloween "Boo" on my profile if you're doing NaNo this year. I'll friend you!

Later, Nerds.

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