Sunday Confessionals || I'm Anti Darcy

Fact: Film portrayals of Mr. Darcy are hot. It is a rule. There must be billowing jackets and wet white t shirts. He must be ...

Fact: Film portrayals of Mr. Darcy are hot. It is a rule. There must be billowing jackets and wet white t shirts. He must be dark and mysterious and turn out to be the cutest most kind person you can imagine. He has to have a kind smile, and eyes that cut like diamonds. 

I completely agree with the facts. Mr. Darcy is cute and swoon worthy. You know what I DO NOT agree with? He is the best Jane Austen hero, and possibly the best love interest in all of literature. 

There is so much to praise about Darcy. Just look at what he did for The Bennet family! He did so much for them, spent so much so they wouldn't lose their good social standing. He loved his sister to death. He constantly had mercy on Mr. Wickham. His servants adored him. He was through and through a kind human being.



Excuse me, but did we all just forget the first half of Pride & Prejudice? Not gonna lie, I was smitten with Darcy, but as I've gotten older, I've gotten Anti Darcy. And there are a few reasons for that. 

1. There is a lot of Darcy merchandise for Jane Austen fanatics. 95% of the Austen merch is Pride & Prejudice related. I personally love Mr. Knightly, but I CAN'T BUY ANYTHING WITH HIS NAME ON IT BECAUSE DARCY HAS MONOPOLIZED EVERYTHING! So perhaps my Anti Darcy campaign is way too personal, but I don't care. I just think it's genuinely unfair for him to have a claim on all the merchandise. Back down, Darcy.

2. He was a shy guy in the beginning of the book, but really, he was just a jerk. He was a rich, snobbish jerk. Yes he was uncomfortable and out of his element, but that didn't give him the right to step on people with his brooding glares. He even said of Elizabeth, "She is not handsome enough to tempt me." He was practically saying that she was ugly and too poor to be tempted to get his wiggle on. He was talking in private with his friend. THAT WAS RUDE AND HE DIDN'T NEED TO SAY THAT ABOUT ELIZABETH. I understand that people can be misunderstood. I'm a shy person. I get misunderstood all the time. But you know what? I'm not a RUDE person. I may not be comfortable, but I'm damn well not going to insult people just because I feel out of place.

3. He persuaded Mr. Bingley to not be in cahoots with Jane. I get it, he's his best friend. He was trying to look out for his buddy and not let him shackle himself to a wife with a crazy family. BUT DUDE COME ON! Mr. Darcy himself was a shy man who found it difficult to express himself, and then he turns around and judges Jane for not expressing herself! He thought Jane didn't like Bingley all that much and then persuaded his smitten friend to abandon her. Leave her high and dry. Her family is nuts, so she too must be nuts. Forget the fact that his friend loves her and Darcy has done nothing to actually get to know JANE.

I personally feel like he was kind to those who knew him, but to everyone else he was a rich snob who did what he wanted when he wanted and didn't care who's feelings he hurt. Darcy was a jerk. He only became a great love interest when our kickass heroine, Elizabeth, knocked him down a few pegs and showed him what's what. Elizabeth made the man.

Now my rage might be making him sound worse than he really is, but I still hold firm to the idea that Darcy isn't the best Jane Austen hero. To me, Mr. Knightly will always be the best. But that's for a different post. 

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