#TheShelfieHop Tour || I'm Dropping An Indie Rap Album

I don't know what's going on with my fingers in that picture. It's like I'm popping a Quotation Peace sign.  Today I ...

I don't know what's going on with my fingers in that picture. It's like I'm popping a Quotation Peace sign. 

Today I bring to you The Shelfie Hop! I signed up for it a while back, and what it basically is is one massive blog hop where everyone who signed up posts pictures of their bookshelves. So what does this meeaaan? IT MEANS YOU WILL BE GETTING A FULL FLEDGED TOUR OF MY MASSIVE BOOKSHELF! 

It took me forever to take all these pictures, so I'm not editing them. This post will just be a plain, unedited, glimpse into my little bookish world.

As you can see, I have a lot of books. 420 of them to be exact (haha blaze it). There's only 418 in the picture though BECAUSE A GIRL BORROWED TWO OF MY BOOKS AND IT'S BEEN SEVEN MONTHS SINCE I LAST HEARD FROM HER *dies of frustration*

Despite how many books I own, I still have gaps in my shelves. I try to arrange them by genre, so on some shelves *cough* the classics *cough* my books are jammed and wedged in so tight it takes a crow bar to pry them out for reading. And then on that far right shelf... there are massive blank spaces that break my heart. They taunt, "your shelf is incomplete yoU ABSOLUTE LOSER!" ...my shelf is mean to me. Or I'm addicted to books and have an undying need to fill up all empty spaces with ink filled pages. 

This blank space was annoying me so I placed a candle there to brighten up the shadows.

I'm going to zoom in and take a closer look at some of my favorite parts now. 

 This shelf is filled with the classics! I got a Jane Austen corner, and little hardback Shakespeare books, and old copies of Tom Sawyer and Sherlock Holmes. This shelf is truly my pride and joy. Also I painted those flowers in the bottom right image in a copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel. It was my goal to do water colors on every page. ...I did one page and that was three years ago haha

THESE are my Young Adult or Childhood favorites shelves. That big gap between The Fault In Our Stars and the Gallagher Girl series is where I place Six of Crows, but I'm reading that right now. I'm reading a lot more Young Adult lately, so when I buy books it's usually for this genre. I'm trying to grow my collection.

I love my Beatrix Potter collection. It's ALL of her books! Ugh she's amazing. Also I have a movie about her life starring Renee Zellweger

...I like musicals and chick flicks and comedies and BBC films 

That hideous pig thing is a cookie jar from my great grandma. I call it my TBR jar, and you can read about that here.

And that's it, folks! THAT'S A WRAP *quotation peace sign*
This is a bookshelfie HOP so check out the other ladies and gents on the tour


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