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TURKEY DAY IS NEAR! Soooon I will be able to gobble all the food and truly be the American the rest of the world assumes I am! of...

TURKEY DAY IS NEAR! Soooon I will be able to gobble all the food and truly be the American the rest of the world assumes I am! of the glutinous variety. But, what I have to remember is that the holiday is called THANKSgiving. While I am thankful for mounds of food (two words: beer. bread. *HALLELUJAH CHORUS PLAYS  IN THE BACKGROUND*) I need to remember to be truly thankful for all that I've been blessed with. For I have been very blessed.

Blessing Example: 
I don't have to go on a 12 hour road trip and spend three weeks in Texas with my great uncle who's always asking me "Do you have a boyfriend YEEETT?" "Why'd you quit college?" "Do you even have a job?" "SJ, when are you going to start living?" "You can't live in your parents house forever!" I don't have to spend three weeks feeling like a failure at life! Thank you so much, Uncle. Hahaha I'm laughing, but I'm sobbing whale tears on the inside.... besides i'm only 19 it's not like I'm a 40 year old living in the basement! ADULTHOOD: PENDING

*wipes residual tears*

But what I'm really really thankful for (and to keep in theme with this blog) are my books, the stories I've gotten to partake in, and the friend's I've made throughout this whole crazy thing.

Now on to the bookish/blogger portion of this huge Thank You Post:


1. My co-blogger Dash. We interacted a bit on and twitter, and then we decided to mold our blogs together and tag team this whole blog-o-sphere. She has made this experience a bajillion times more enjoyable. She writes amazing posts (and takes some of the burden off me), she is a listening ear to my bookish flails, and she is my preferred style of dork. Like, literally Dash is a dreamboat bestie. So, I raise a turkey leg to Dash- the beautiful, the hilarious, the nerdy, piratey, the essence of Peggy Carter. You are my best online friend, and I hope to meet you in person one day. On the alpine highway of life, you are my all-weather tires.

2. The people who comment on this blog and acknowledge my existence via Twitter. I am a weirdo. You guys make me feel less like a weirdo. I shouted into the void and you shouted back. THANK YOU! Especially Alexis Johnson, Sarah, Elly, Danielle, Brittany, Kat, Aurora, Clire, Ranu, LADY A (A stands for amazing, awesome, angelic) Em, Brianna AND Angelina, Kii, The Book Bratz, Avid Reader, Bay (HUMBUG!), JenMo, Ava, Leah, Lucy, ....if I've forgotten a name, I am so sorry! I DO LOVE YOU! I'm just so overwhelmed by the thanksy feels

3. ACE, my other co-blogger. She is my second semester of college best friend xD Thank you for accepting my newbie self when I was a fish out of water, and thank you for supporting this blog with your genius, wit, and in depth/honest reviews. You're an absolute peach!

4. Leigh Bardugo. For the longest time, my one and only favorite author has been Jane Austen. And she's not alive. So I obvs couldn't get any signed copies from her. BUT THEN I PICKED UP AN AMAZING BOOK CALLED SHADOW AND BONE AND IN CAME A NEW FAVORITE /ALIVE/ AUTHOR! Leigh's books have been my favorite reads all year. She's made me happy in a time when I felt nothing but sad. Leigh Bardugo, you are the crowning jewel in my YA reads history.

5. The Raven Cycle. The bright shiny jewel right next to Leigh Bardugo. In fact, I think this one book was better quality then what I read from Leigh! This book was just so AMAZING! It had all the amounts of reality and fantasy and humor and romance and suspense that I've been longing for in a book. It's a well rounded story, and my favorite read EVER in my YA reads history. Why doesn't this story win over Leigh Bardugo's for me? Because Leigh was really really entertaining and I read one of her books in a DAY! I DON'T DO THAT! That's just how compelling Leigh's writing is.

6. Grammy. My best friend's aunt- for supplying my bookish (and junk food) needs. This woman PAYS me to sit in her house, eat crap food, and chill with dogs all day. AND THEN I GET TO BUY BOOKS! GOD BLESS THE QUEEN!

7. Cait @ PaperFury. Like, seriously this girl is an elegant as heck bookish comedian??? She's hilarious, energetic, and is honestly my favorite blogger. Humor and books, folks, my big ol' cup of tea! It's been an utter joy getting to read her posts the past few months. Her photography is original and beautiful too!

8. My dog, for being so darned tootin bookishly cute! I have to snap pictures of her when she's already chilling, otherwise she gets awkward and does the ugliest things with her ears. Thank you, Milsap, for being so cute I can sometimes take nice looking bookish photos.

9. I haven't given up on this blog yet. Guys, I give up very easily. I get tired of something and move on to the next shiny thing. I have been dedicated to this blog for a few months now, and I feel so... accomplished. Thank you, me, for not being a quitting little quitster and sticking to something!

10. I AM GOING TO DISNEY WORLD FOR CHRISTMAS WITH MY BEST FRIEND! My best friend and her family are taking me to Disney World for a week, and they're paying for me! That's my Christmas present. I feel so incredibly blessed! DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY! 

What are YOU thankful for this week?
If you leave a comment, be sure to drop a link to one of your posts! I'll comment back!

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