Why do we freeze and suddenly find ourselves uninterested in or unable to read highly anticipated novels?

I'm here to talk about something that's been weighing on me for a while. During the summer, I got into Leigh Bardugo and read al...

I'm here to talk about something that's been weighing on me for a while. During the summer, I got into Leigh Bardugo and read all of her available books. I just ATE UP her work! And I, the little reader who demanded great literature RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! jumped online and looked up more of her books. I discovered that she'd  have another story, Six of Crows, out in the fall. So I waited for months. My excitement boiled over. Steam exploded out of me as I tweeted the author my excitement, and I stewed in my excitement, and I bounced
and waited 
and waited 
and waited...

I don't know what happened. In all my excitement, somehow the desire to read her book RIGHT NOW vanished. I mean, I still want to read the book. It still interests me a GREAT deal. It's just, I feel like I got too used to waiting. By the time the book got here, I COULD FINALLY READ THE BOOK I HAD BEEN WANTING FOR SO LONG! But it's like, once I had it, I found I could wait some more.

Same thing happened to me with Vengeance Road. I bought it months ago. It's on my shelf untouched. And the same thing happened with the book Uprooted. I requested it from the library. Got wait listed. Months after my request if finally came in, and I had no desire to read it.

I know from reading a post on Chasing Faerytales that I'm not the only one who suffers this problem, but the question is... what IS the problem?

Are we simply too distracted? Do we have no attention span? I think as readers, we prove we have fairly great attention spans. We love to read. We can focus in on worlds, and get lost in them, and enjoy them thoroughly. So what is our problem?

It's like in all of our anticipation, the wait finally got to our heads and actually killed our desire to read what we've been waiting for. 

Guys, I think we have... 

The Curse of The Reader's Yips

(basically how I felt trying to title this post ;asdflskdj)

We've been wanting to read our anticipated books for so long that by the time we get them, we freeze!

What books do you have the yips for?
What do you think our psychological damage is?

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  1. I did this last fall with Winter and The Rest of Us Just Live Here. With series, I do better if I can read them all right in a row. I actually prefer discovering series that have already been finished for that reason. But the other book--I don't know. Maybe once I bought it, I could relax about it and just get to it when I was ready? But I was definitely worrying that it wouldn't live up to my anticipation.