20 Reasons to Hate Blogging

I love blogging. I really do. In a few days or weeks I plan on dedicating a post to why I love it, and how it has literally saved me. W...

I love blogging. I really do. In a few days or weeks I plan on dedicating a post to why I love it, and how it has literally saved me. Without the ability to blog and share my thoughts on books... I don't know where I'd be in life. I just know I'd be a lot more sad. 

Despite how much blogging has benefited me, it needs to be acknowledged that BLOGGING IS A REAL KICK IN THE KEISTER! Sure sure blogging allows people to share their interests, make like minded friends, and it's a platform to gush and mush over your favorite reads BUT I JUST NEED A MOMENT TO GRUMBLE ABOUT ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH OUR BOOKISH BLOGGER SYSTEM!*

Grab a seat next to the air conditioning because it's about to get heated up in here!

  1. I can't just read a book anymore. I have to review it. It's like having to write a book report. Reading has turned into homework! *bangs fist in protest*
  2. Reviews have to be well thought out and intelligent or people will disregard everything you say, or ignore you.
  3. How in God's name am I supposed to write an intelligent review when I can't even get out why I LIKED the book without flailing and key smashing? Words are hard. I'm tempted to just throw books at people and say READ IT! Does that count as a good review?
  4. Writing negative reviews is even more rife with difficulties! You want to be respectful of the author and others who read the book and LIKED that crap read, but at the same time this book is literal poop. It's stinky. Unclean. Nobody should touch it. HOW DO YOU CONVEY RESPECT AND DISDAIN AT THE SAME TIME???
  5. You don't want boring reviews so you have to find gifs.
  6. Gifs that make sense for the post take forever to find and format to your post.
  7. I can't just read a book that interests me. I have to read what's relevant to my audience or what's popular.
  8. If I decide to take a break and leave for a few days or weeks I might lose followers.
  9. In the attempt to not lose followers I have to plan out posts for every single week (which is incredibly mind numbing and disheartening if you can't think of anything important or fun to say, which means when you DO have something to say you have to schedule that post. Because you don't want to waste posts. You don't want to double up on posts when you can get two days out of that material. Which means you can't just post your thoughts whenever you want! says the girl scheduling this post for five days from now)
  10. I have to WRITE the posts for every week.
  11. I have to post X amount of posts every week or my blog doesn't have enough content, which leads to losing followers. We can't just have one post a week. We have to strive for at least four!
  12. Typing that much actually hurts your fingers and eyes after a while.
  13. You can't just write what you want to say and how you want to say it. You have to tailor your content to not be offensive and to make sense and entertain readers.
  14. Writing posts takes away from reading time which means I have even less to talk about in my posts.
  15. If my blog isn't pretty, it doesn't matter how great my content is. Nobody's going to read my blog if they don't like what it looks like. If the COLORS are off, they'll not even bother to read what I wrote, what I put so much thought in to. 
  16. "Followers and stats aren't really important"... says the people who are doing well and HAVE tons of followers. If you're a new blogger, and you're wanting to do better STATS ARE EVERYTHING NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO LET IT NOT BOTHER YOU! If your stats aren't going up, you feel like nobody is reading your blog, and you're just talking to a wall. And is all this stress worth it if you're just talking to a WALL?? *cue the wailing of heart broken bloggers*
  17. You feel like the ultimate failure if you don't get comments. It keeps you up at night. What you could have changed haunts your dreams. *sobs* Why don't people talk to me?
  18. ARC's are WAY TOO coveted to the point where people gnash their chops and get emotionally hurt if they don't get one. I honestly feel like ARC's have turned blogging into some sort of twisted popularity contest.
  19. If you leave for a few days and try to escape the pressure and stress of blogging, you lose momentum and have to fight hard to get back into the loop of things BECAUSE THE BOOKISH BLOGGING WORLD IS ALWAYS CHANGING! DRAMA IS ALWAYS GOING DOWN! NEW BOOKS ARE PUBLISHED! PEOPLE DO CONTROVERSIAL THINGS! IT'S ALWAYS DIFFERENT! And if you aren't careful, you'll get lost in the stampede to keep up.

These are just a few of the things that annoy me, stress me out, make me want to cry... But there's honestly more. I didn't even get to the topic of how picky readers can be. That could take up it's own post, because there's readers who are grammar snobs, aesthetic snobs, content snobs, hype snobs...etc. 

It just makes me really sad that this outlet that brings me so much joy, can also inflict so much pain and exhaustion. When did our love for books morph into this...this... I don't know what to call it! It just reminds me of how in highschool, you had to join all the clubs, and write all the papers just to get into a college where you'd have to jump through all the hoops again just to get recognized. It's like we've become entertainment centered journalists with our jobs on the line.

And yet, blogs are completely voluntary. I choose to come back to this community every day, because despite all the suckery floating around, at it's core blogging is fun. Blogging is my life, and I wouldn't quit it for the world.

A GOOD thing about blogging is that there's always someone willing to talk with you. God bless these lovely jellybeans for helping me compile this list:
Sarah, Jade, Jennilyn, Ryan, C.R. Chamberlain, Kat, Wren, Claire, Pam, Shadowed Gates, Leah, Kristen, Ava, Linda

*Note: I friggin LOVE blogging, and 90% of the time it's really fun. And I realize that some of these issues are within my power to change. They aren't necessary, but they were problems for me at some point. I just needed a moment to scream my current frustrations and gripes I've had in the past that you might be experiencing now :) 

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  1. Yes to every single thing you said in this list! It's all true, especially #1, #2, #14, and #16.

    1. those one are the ones i feel the strongest >.< the bad part is, while trying to come up with content, I'm not reading. So when I have to do tags, most of my answers all end up being the same because I've only read a handful of books. It's a sad cycle.

  2. Aww, I do understand these feels. But I mean SOME of them aren't necessary!! I GOTTA SAY. I mean, it kind of depends what you want?!? But you don't have to only read new/popular books and you don't have to follow a schedule or anything. But there are also a ton of things you do need to do if you want a "popular" blog, right?!? YUS YUS. I lie awake and fret over comments and I get a ton. XD So I don't think that goes away??!? hehe.

    One thing I actually hate about blogging is that...people think you're a cheater if you want to get paid for it. I mean, heck, OTHER bloggers get paid?!? But not book bloggers?!?! And I'd do it without getting paid, but it suuuucks so bad to work really hard on your blog but know it's never going to support itself. -_- And the stigma around paid blogging is kinda scary. OHOH and another thing I hate is that if you accidentally offend someone, they can be SO RUDE and horrible to you. :O It's scary! *shudders*

    1. So I wrote a long reply to this and it didn't show up o.O What the heck, my own blog!?? But anyways you brought up some GREAT points! Like, seriously the people who get rude and horrible, it kind of feels like you've brought down the wrath of a thousand furies O_O it hurts. Even if they're wrong, it still hurts.

      Also I honestly believe that bloggers should get paid if it's a possibility for them! Blogging is work! If you can get paid for something you love, the bravo for you ^_^

      Thanks for commenting :) always love your reactions xD

  3. A-Fucking-Men. I agree with everything thing you've said and pointed out in this post. Blogging is fun for the most part but as a blogger sometimes you want that validation that you're doing everything right.

    I know for myself I've given up on trying to have content every single day. Too much pressure and its not worth all the stress in the end.

    Great post!

  4. #1,#2 and #3 happens quite often when I decide that the book I am reading is going to be a book I am going to review, that why I don't review all of the books I read so I can just relax and enjoy the book sometimes.

  5. I agree with ALL OF THIS. The last one in particular! I mean, I took a break in october through November and it was so difficult to be completely in peace because I just had to at least keep tabs on things through Twitter! Otherwise I'd have gone insane with how much I'd have missed!

  6. Overall, I feel like blogging is really rewarding and wonderful, but I get your need to air some of the frustrations too. We want to be positive all the time, but sometimes you just need to vent, right? So, yes - all of this. Blogging is wonderful and rewarding, but also sometimes it makes you want to tear your hair out! :-) (I love your GIFs, by the way - they're perfect for this post.)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  7. I feel you! Blogging can be really tough, but I love doing it, and it can be so rewarding. It's really hard to ignore the stats , and I just never have time to schedule! I'm the worst, haha :D

    Denise | The Bibliolater

  8. Hmmm, I don't agree with ALL of these, I think it depends on what you're trying to get out of the blog (for example, I read what I want and don't even remotely worry about whether it's popular, and sometimes I do flail in my reviews lol), but I definitely agree with some of them! It does get stressful at times. I think what I hate most is #1, that I can't just read anymore. Even if I don't end up reviewing it, I'm analyzing and planning my possible review the whole time. And ARCs are kind of ridiculous! It does seem to be a giant popularity contest. And while some bloggers clearly do deserve them, high numbers doesn't ALWAYS mean those followers stick around or listen to the blogger's opinion. It makes me sad that quantity is often being chosen over quality. But at the end of the day, blogging does make me happy and has so many more positives than negatives :-)

  9. I love your blog's name!

    I was about to say "I'm a lazy blogger," but that's not quite accurate. I'm a busy person who has a blog as a creative and social outlet. My family and my job are worth stressing about. What I do for fun is not, so I simply don't stress about it. But I get that for someone who has a bigger stake in the blogging community, these issues would be really frustrating and anxiety producing.

    I'm glad you love blogging despite all the challenges!

  10. Nope. You have to be true to what you want to do if you want to stick around in blogging. Read what you want - not what you think people want you to read. No one wants to read the 15th review of the same book anyway. Do what you want and then you will enjoy it.

  11. This honestly seems like such a complaint post. No one said blogging was easy. Actually, they say the opposite. 20 reasons to hate blogging? like why would you even write a post like this? It's so negative and awful. Plus, you don't HAVE to sound intelligent, you don't HAVE to use gifs. Plenty of bloggers don't. I think you're setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and then complaining because its not going to work (obv because there unrealistic)

    1. Hello hello! ^_^ as a matter of fact, this IS a complaint post. Thank you for noticing that. And if you scroll back up and look at complaint #13 you might also notice that I complain about having to tailor my posts to not offend anyone (or in the very least not annoy anyone, or make anyone find fault in my content). I'm sorry that you read a post on my blog and found it necessary to criticize me. You didn't HAVE to leave a negative comment, but thank you anyways :) And thank you for pointing all of this out.

  12. As a new blogger, I've especially felt the pressure to get things posted, but then need the time to read to have something to post. Before starting my blog I had planned to have lots of backup reviews built up that I could use when I needed something in a pinch. But then I just couldn't wait and started it on the spur of the moment.

    Then this year I've found some group participation events and have found a connection with some other bloggers. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world.

    1. I was exactly the same way as a newer blogger (new? I'm like... 7 months old xD but I feel like it's been forever). Getting into the blogging community was hard. You have to learn your way around, and learn what you want. There's stress at all stages of blogging, I think, but the groups and community made it worth it and made it easier for sure :) I'm so glad you found your own group! and thank you for commenting!

  13. I feel you. I mean, I know too that I put the pressure on myself, no one else does. But like, I can't help it! I TRY to calm down (it's my resolution every year!) but I just can't. Because of all the things you said. It's almost anxiety inducing for me- I can actually get panicky when things are going "wrong". (And not like "haha figuratively" panic, like actual panic attacks.)

    I also have to say that you handled your troll brilliantly ;) Sometimes it's just good to let it all out. I mean, you kind of said upfront that it was what you were doing, soooo maybe they should have just not read the post? Either way I was nodding along to almost all of these ;)

    1. Right?? You technically have the power to not put pressure on yourself, but at the same time /we can't help the way we're wired/. And I'm so glad you liked my post :) also... is it weird I got a little excited when that person trolled me?? I was like, "ouch...this hurts and my face is all warm BUT YOU'RE PROVING MY POINT SO THANK YOU!"
      Anyways, thanks for commenting, Shannon! Glad to have you here :)

  14. Haha, I quite agree! Although blogging can be so much fun and entertaining, it's also one of the reasons why I'm a stressed-out potato begging for one more ounce of sleep. BUT THERE'S SO MUCH TO DO.

    Fun post, SJ!