About a month ago, Sarah from Kerosene Lit tagged me in this, and I was like "AHA! MY VALENTINES POST!" Check out her post f...

About a month ago, Sarah from Kerosene Lit tagged me in this, and I was like "AHA! MY VALENTINES POST!" Check out her post for the full list of questions. I didn't have answers to some of these (because I haven't read books that apply) so I just skipped them.

 In case you didn't know it, I am a friggin Swoon Baboon. I LOVE to ship characters. Often, I ship the characters that don't end up together, and I have a strong distaste for insta-love, BUT OTHER THAN THAT! IF THERE IS A COUPLE, YOU CAN BET I'LL BE ON THE SIDE LINES WAVING A GAUDY BANNER DECKED OUT IN HEARTS.


#1 Pick an Unpopular OTP That You Ship
I don't really know any unpopular pairings, but I haven't seen anyone ship Noah and Blue from The Raven Cycle AND I LOVE THEM! I SHIP THEM HARD CORE. Everyone's like "Gansey blah blah blah blah blah kiss kiss no wait death blah blah loooovee", and a few people like Adam. Ronan is probably the rarest to ship with Blue. BUT OF ALL THE BOYS, MY HEART DECIDED TO SMOOSH NOAH INTO BLUE'S ARMS. Perhaps it's because they're buddies, and I typically ship buddies. I love that smudgy boy. Anyways, I can't really explain my feels without spoilers, so just pack up your curiosity and carry it to the comments section if you want to know my reasons. Also leave a comment if you're a rare shipper of them too AND YOU WANT TO FLAIL WITH ME *waits eagerly for my fellow odd balls*
#2 Pick an OTP That You Didn’t Ship at First But Now You Do
Juliet and Montgomery from The Madman's Daughter. I used to not like them all that much. I preferred Edward, because you know... mysterious underdogs are my thing. BUT THEN A GREAT AND TERRIBLE ICKY HAPPENED, and I feel much more inclined to ship Juliet with Montgomery. But I'm mostly settling on them.

#3 Pick Your Most Hated OTP
Romeo and Juliet from the blasted tale ROMEO AND JULIET. I CANNOT STAND THESE TWO. THEY MAKE ONE TERRIBLE DECISION AFTER ANOTHER *throws book* I understand it's a tragedy, and I can appreciate the writing, but I loathe these two numskulls. Additionally, I can't stand Edward and Bella from Twilight.

#4 Pick Your favourite BROTP
THE RAVEN BOYS + Blue! This is the best written cast of characters I have ever read. Their relationships with each other are so well thought out, and have such depth. I mean, there are FIVE characters and Maggie managed to make each of them individuals. I fell in love with these nerds for who they are, and that made me love all of them together. Really they're a wonderful hilarious adventurous tortured bunch of rascals.
#5 Pick an OTP You Adored in the Books But Not as Much in the Movie or TV Adaptation
Tris and Four. I remember reading Divergent and swooning so incredibly hard for them, but I feel like the movie botched that up. Because well, first of all Four's actor didn't look like no black haired 18 year old boy. And their romance was a lot less slow burn, and a bit more rushed and steamy. It turned me off. Especially with my parents sitting right beside me as we watched the movie #cringe

Look at the size of his arm tho ♥♥ His shoulders look like two little baby heads!

#6 Pick a Popular OTP That No Matter How Hard You Tried You Just Can’t Ship It
I JUST finished reading Passenger. A lot of the reviews I read said that this couple was so great, but I just... I didn't ship it. Nicholas and Etta were not my cup of tea. Because, you know, I don't like to have hot lava tea thrown in my face. That's what this couple was like. They meet eyes AND INSTANTLY THE ROOM IS BOILING OVER WITH SEXUAL ATTRACTION. And the romance was shoved into my face. And I was like "hahaha guys. Guys whoa. Etta you were just thrown backwards in time. DWELL ON THAT PLS NOT STRAPPING McHOTTY CARTER!"

#7 Pick Your All Time Favourite OTP
NIKOLAI AND ALINA from The Grisha Trilogy.
Although I'd love to see more fanart of them.

EVERYONE!! *throws confetti* and a few people via twitter :P

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  1. Yaaaay, I love your posts and your writing voice. They're hilarious and awesome. The only ones on the list that I've read are Romeo and Juliet and Divergent. Totally agree about R + J.

    As for Tris and Four, I actually don't really like their relationship in the books either. In the first one, I think I did. But in the second, they bickered like middle schoolers and things got too melodramatic for my tastes. But, then again, I guess they are in a dystopic world, so they could probably afford some melodrama.

    ANYWAYS, great post SJ!

  2. Eheheh I LOVE your title <3 <3 <3
    BUT MAN ROMEO AND JULIET FRUSTRATED ME SO MUCH AS WELL! I always forget about them, and just think Bella and Edward but yess Romeo and Juliet just did EVERYTHING wrong >.<

  3. I TOTALLY SHIP NOAH AND BLUE. *high five* They're sooo precious together. (I have sometimes shipped Blue and Ronan too. Basically all the unpopular ships. YAS) I think it would be awesome but of course Gansey is pretty much the one who's going to end up with Blue (or it sure seems like it).

    Also, I nominate you for the Sisterhood of the World blogger award :)) http://randomofalife.blogspot.com/2016/02/blogger-award-sisterhood-of-world.html

  4. Nah, sorry pal, Blue and Gansey ... I ship them like Glue! ;)

    I'm a bit confused about that fanart though? I assumed the one holding Blue's hand was Gansey (because BLUE 5EVER) buuut he has what looks like a smudge on his face ... so is it (left to right) Adam, Blue, Noah, Ronan, Gansey?