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I wanted to be a pirate princess when I was a little girl. 
I wanted to wear leather, shoot guns, swing swords, and amass hoards of treasure. Unfortunately, pirates don't represent the same romantic notions they once did. At only 19, I'm still growing up, and still want to throw all my responsibilities to the wind and chase freedom. But alas, I am a big ol' pile of lazy bones, I've exhausted my interest in college (did not care for that whole write 10+ pages worth of essays CONSTANTLY thing), and I have developed a strong fear of open water (watched one too many movies about ship wrecks). So how does this pirate wannabee spend her days? Tweeting pics of my dog and reading aaaalll the ya and classic novels. I'll always be a pirate at heart, but for now I'll settle for being an Erudite, a Slytherin, lover of Sebastian Stan's face, and a die hard Leigh Bardugo and Jane Austen fan.